Oh donor engagement!  Now that sure can be an endless discussion, as we all know.  But let’s unpack just a few of the tools ServiceReef provides you to help you engage your donors well.  We believe your donors are part of your mission, your team, and your success – and in such we believe it’s imperative to honor and communicate well with donors.  Here are a few things we do to help you do that.

  • Annual Impact Reports – ServiceReef sends each donor (online donations only since we don’t have the data on your manual transactions) to let them see their global impact and summary of giving.
  • Story Alerts – donors receive an alert anytime anyone they donate to shares a story. It just makes sense that they would want to hear about those lives they’ve invested in!
  • Donor Emails – you can easily generate an email to send to donors of participants in a short term trip. It’s a great idea to be intentional in keeping them informed as well.