Branding is everything for organization recognition. On the outside, your brand may seem like it is just logos and colors, but your brand is actually the entire identity of your business. Your brand not only gives you personality, but it helps the user recognize your organization and know that they can trust the site they are on. This is why ServiceReef has made it possible for you to customize your site's branding to look like your organization - your brand. 

At ServiceReef, we have created the branding tab for your organization and given you the following features:

  • Site Colors – for your header, header text, footer, footer text, links, headings, and buttons.
  • Logos – for your navigation bar and organization profile.
  • Banner Image – for your organization landing page.

In order to begin branding your site, go to your Organization Settings. From there, select General and then Site Branding.

Here you will have the ability to brand your site colors, logos, and banner image. Let's unpack what these are!

NOTE- You can use HEX or RGB values to customize the colors below (depending on your branding guidelines that your organization has potentially established, or you may select a color by clicking on the text area). If your organization does not have a branding guideline, we recommend trying to match your current website as close a possible.

Header Color- This is the block of color that will appear at the top of your site. 

Header Text- This is the color that of the text that will appear at the top of your site.

Footer Color- This is the block of color that will appear at the bottom of your site. To see this same view, go to your homepage. 

Footer Text Color- This is the text color that appears at the bottom of your site. 

Link Color- This is the text color that appears where any "Links" (text you can click and it takes you to that page) are. Areas you may see this on your homepage is under Our Groups and Stories. 

Headings Color- Changes the page title and sub-headings on each page. 

Main Button Color- Changes the color of the Buttons on your site.

Next, let's take a look at images and what your options are to customize your site.

Header- The image located on the top left navigation. A transparent png that is at least 100 pixels tall is recommended. 

Logo- You can optionally upload a logo for your organization rather than a Header.

Avatar-  An image that will appear in the homepage of your site, in the middle of your Banner Image (if one is loaded). We recommend uploading a square image.

Banner Image- You can upload a banner file that will be used as the header for your organization home page.