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Welcome to a powerful integration between ServiceReef and Church Community Builder. 

ServiceReef’s desire is to make data flow as effortlessly as possible.  To that end, we have created the following guide to help walk you through that integration and handle any questions you have along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What data syncs from ServiceReef?

ServiceReef will sync data for Trips, Trip Participants, and Donations.  However, you can determine what specific information syncs in your Organization profile.

How does the integration work?

ServiceReef depends on a user account within your organization’s CCB account.  This allows us to enter data directly into the appropriate areas within CCB for your record keeping purposes.  Once you connect that account in ServiceReef (steps on following pages), the data begins to sync throughout the day (roughly every 30 minutes).  

What happens when I create a trip and approve a participant?

When a trip is created in ServiceReef, the sync process will create a group within CCB to manage all of the participants.  The group will be created based on the default configuration that you have established in your ServiceReef Org Settings (or within the trip specifically).  When someone applies for a trip, that information is only stored in ServiceReef.  When someone is approved for a trip, then we will add that approved participant to your CCB group. 

How do Donations work?

When a donation occurs in ServiceReef, we will sync the donation information using the COA for the specific trip involved.  We also attempt to sync the donation on the donor themselves within CCB.  If we can find the donor, then we link the new donation to that existing user.  

When syncing Donors and Users, how do you determine a match?

ServiceReef will look at the user's first name (first 2 characters), their full last name and then one of the following: Email Address, Address, or DOB.  If the first/last name matches AND we match on at least one of the other three values, then we sync it to the CCB user.  If we find the name, but none of the three match (email, DOB, or Address), then we will create a new user in CCB and let your team determine if it is the same person that you already have on file.

Migrating Data – What happens if I have been running on ServiceReef for a while?

There are two elements to this question, Trip Information and Trip Participants and Donations.  For the first (Trip Information and Participants), once you turn on the sync, all data will be transferred into CCB from ServiceReef (i.e. “sync all”).  For donations, there is a date option within Org Settings that allows you to avoid any duplicate donation data.  In this scenario, ServiceReef will only sync donations that occur after this date.  

How do I connect my account?

The following pages walk you step by step through the connection process.  If you have questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to us!

Setting up CCB Integration with ServiceReef

Before we get into the ServiceReef flow, you must first create an admin user in CCB (e.g. name it “ServiceReef”). When asked for permissions on the CCB side for this new user, it’s easier to select all, but if you want to individually permission the ServiceReef user, the API will need the following access:

    • add_individual_to_event
    • add_individual_to_group
    • campus_list
    • campus_profile
    • create_group
    • create_individual
    • group_participants
    • group_search
    • group_type_list
    • individual_profile_from_id
    • individual_search
    • import_batches
    • import_online_gifts
    • online_giving_insert_gift
    • remove_individual_from_group
    • transaction_detail_type_list
    • update_individual

Connect ServiceReef to CCB

Once created, go to ServiceReef, login and navigate to your Org Settings area. Find the link on the left side labeled “Integrations” and click on the CCB link under that menu.  Your screen should be similar to the one below:



Enter in the credentials for the new user you created and add in your CCB subdomain. Then click Test & Save Community Church Builder Connection.

  • If there are issues connecting, please verify the username, password, and subdomain.
  • If you are still having issues, try logging into CCB directly with those credentials.
    • If you cannot log into CCB directly, then please reach out to your internal CCB admin/contact.
    • If you are receiving an error message when trying to connect your CCB account to ServiceReef please ensure that your API that you have set up within CCB has the correct permissions selected. To check this, select the User in CCB, select the "Services" Tab and click "Select All" for permissions. Save at the bottom and try to log in again on the ServiceReef site. 
    • If you are receiving an error message when trying to connect, you may need to add ServiceReef as an "ADI" in CCB.
    • If you can log in directly, but are still seeing connection issues, please reach out to ServiceReef.

Establish Global Defaults


Once you have established your connection to CCB, you should see a page that allows you to set the global defaults for each trip. Please note that these can be set per trip… this is what each trip will default to when you create it or clone it.  On this page, you can set the following fields:

  • Choose what data you want to sync: Donations or Trips (Users is a required sync)
  • For donations… if you are migrating data, there is a cut off that you can specify and ServiceReef will only sync data to CCB after that date.
  • Default COA for Donations
  • Default Campus for Trips, Users, and Donations
  • Default Leader for Trips
  • Default Group Type for Trips
  • Default Group Department for Trips

 Once you have established your defaults, please click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.


Set up Trip Specific Configurations

With each trip you create, there is now an Integrations section with each trip. This page will default to the selections on your Organization Integrations page, but you are able to adjust this per trip as needed. 

Please verify this information is correct for each trip as it will impact how the data is brought into CCB. 



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